The Cyber Barre Story – Taylor LeBon


This is my Cyber Barre Story

8 years ago I became a stay at home mom.  After many years of working in the corporate fashion world, I had my son and knew it would be too hard to return to work full time and so, with a heavy heart, I resigned. However, being the type A person I am, I quickly realized I needed more. I have always had a passion for working out…and because I was determined to get fit after my pregnancies, I thoroughly enjoyed my workouts to get my mind right and learned a ton about health and diet strategies to accomplish my goals.  I loved all the different workouts my gym offered: Yoga, HIIT, Sculpt and Barre.  But my true passion was taking Barre.


One day, my husband said “You’re taking 4-5 classes per week at the gym…you might as well start teaching because you love the classes so much”.  That one comment gave me a totally different perspective from being a student to becoming an instructor.  Shortly after, I started my barre certification.  Seven years later, after teaching thousands of classes, I feel like I found what I was meant to do.  I am able to find my balance of being a mom and wife all while helping other people achieve their fitness, health and wellness goals. 


Five years ago I met a student, Alexis, and felt that we had an instant connection.  After class, we would talk about our kids, our husbands, and how we were going to cook a meal that complemented our workouts while satisfying our families.  We both felt that we found a realistic way to achieve our goals of being moms and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  After a couple months I could tell Alexis had the same passion for barre that I have, and she decided to take the journey to become an instructor.  Alexis and I have been instructors at a small gym together for some time now and our shared goal is to achieve the best barre experience for anyone who takes our class!


As we all know, in March 2020, life as we knew it completely changed. Everyday news about COVID-19 got worse, and our gym closed as well as many other non-essential businesses. Going into lockdown meant teaching barre was going to be put on hold, or did it?  Alexis quickly had the idea to teach barre classes online via Zoom. After taking one of her first classes I realized what a great idea she had and how I would love to start doing the same. The platform of teaching online gave a sense of community, fitness and mental well-being in a time of uncertainty. 

After co-teaching our first class together I felt that this had the potential to connect more people like ourselves.  After Alexis and I brainstormed over countless glasses of rose, OC Cyber Barre was born.  And, we have the perfect group of instructors with the same passion helping us achieve our goals.

Taylor – Co-founder of OC Cyber Barre