The Cyber Barre Story – Alexis Ponder


This is my Cyber Barre Story

For me, OC Cyber Barre is defined by three things–resilience, persistence, and positivity. I am a full time corporate event planner, wife and mom. Just two weeks ago I found my industry crumbling around me due to the current world events.


Everything I was working on abruptly came to a stand still. My husband, however, is a fireman and first responder in Orange County, CA. It seemed like overnight his workload amped up entirely and mine stopped completely. Our family dynamic and routine that we had known forever had changed in just one weeks time.


I began to see other moms around me drowning in sorrow and uncertainty about how to deal with what was happening around them. I wanted to help them but I wasn’t sure how.


A side hobby of mine has always been fitness. I found a passion for hot barre and became a certified instructor. For me, movement and exercise is power and a way to release any stresses in my life. It’s my therapy. I wanted to bring this outlet to others but didn’t know how–stuck in the confines of my home. So I bought a Zoom account, taught myself how to use it and set up a virtual fitness classroom. In just one week, I had four other amazing and passionate instructors alongside me teaching classes and tons of people showing up virtually to take them.


There was just something amazing about logging in and seeing other people working out right along me from their homes. We would wave, say hi and just smile at one another. For one hour out of our day we were together again. And just like that, OC Cyber Barre was born. It’s my hope that this outlet brings people not only the workout they need to cope through the mental stresses of the day, but also the human connection that we all currently miss and need right now. People are resilient- myself and the other instructors will continue to be persistent in sharing our passion for fitness and barre. And in doing this we will spread positivity.


We’re in this together. Lots of love,

Alexis – Found/Co-founder of OC Cyber Barre