Cyber Barre Trainers

Alexis Ponder

I’m a strong believer that movement brings us power and inner peace to all areas of our lives. As a wife, and working mom–fitness is what keeps me grounded. I found a passion in teaching two years ago when I became certified in hot barre and have not looked back since. I strive to bring positivity to every class and share my love for fitness with others. My workouts are full body, incorporating cardio, arms, abs, glutes and barre into each class.

Taylor LeBon

I’m a wife and mom of two, with a passion for overcoming challenges and living my best life.  There is no easy day!  But I try to keep it simple.  I can be the best wife and mom when I ground myself with exercise, and my passion for barre created the perfect balance in my life. I always grew up being active in sports and cardio barre has brought the best out of me.  I am barre certified and have been teaching for seven years.  I focus on whole body workouts that include cardio and weighted exercises. Come join me to burn and sweat, ignite your inner ability to be the best you can be.

Courtney Bucho

Hi I’m Courtney and I’m a fitness instructor specializing in Barre. I live in Orange County CA with my hubs, 2 kids and my sweet fur baby. My passion is living a healthy and holistic lifestyle. Movement and fitness is a huge part of that. I became a fitness instructor to bring joy and wellness into our everyday world. I have created a full body workout that includes cardio, balance and strength conditioning. Right now, it’s about people coming together, lifting each other up and being kind.

Missy LaVoie

Working out has been my thang for over 25 years. I became certified as a yoga teacher and have been teaching for 8 years. Teaching cardio and fitness classes now that’s my jam !!! I love to move, sweat, and motivate people.